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Lugar And Mourdock Continue To Fight For Votes

Lugar and Mourdock


Senator Richard Lugar and State Treasurer Richard Mourdock will face off for a debate hosted by WFYI.

State Treasurer Richard Mourdock and Senator Richard Lugar are travelling around the state as they make their final appeals to voters before Tuesday’s primary.

Senator Lugar’s stops Monday included West Lafayette, Frankfort and Tipton.  The six-term incumbent, who in a recent poll trailed Mourdock by ten percentage points, says his support needs to come not just from within the Republican Party.

“If you are a Republican, an independent, a Democrat, don’t know what you are, are back and forth, please vote for me tomorrow because this is the key vote of the year as far as the Senate is concerned,” Lugar says.

Mourdock says he thinks Lugar’s appeal to non-Republicans is a desperate gamble and isn’t likely to work.

“At this point, most people frankly have turned off the advertising.  They’ve turned off the news, are sick of hearing all this stuff and so I think minds are made up,” Mourdock says. 

Both candidates have appearances scheduled throughout the state on Election Day.

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