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Lugar in Bloomington to Discuss U.S. Foreign Policy

Indiana Senior Senator Richard Lugar was in Bloomington this afternoon talking foreign policy to the city’s Chamber of Commerce. Lugar touched on U.S. involvement in Libya and the current state of the U.S. House of Representatives during the Chamber’s Federal Focus Luncheon.

Lugar said he has reservations about military involvement in Libya, based on lessons learned from the war in Iraq.

“It’s never simple,” he said, “and you need to determine very much what the benchmarks are, who will pay for it, and what allies can be counted upon to stay with you if that is the objective.”

Indiana University student body president Michael Coleman said he was particularly interested to listen to Lugar speak about foreign policy.

“The one question I had was about Libya,” said Coleman. “He’s been very involved with foreign relations and for him to touch on that was really good. I would have wanted him to go into education a little bit more…”

Lugar said he wants the U.S. to adopt a clear role in Libya, adding he was concerned to see the U.S. send planes to Northern Africa nation after President Obama declared the American role in the conflict would be support-only.

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