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Local Company Supplying Socks To NBA, Colleges

The Pacers are out of the playoffs, but Indiana will continue to leave its footprint on the court all the way to the NBA Finals.

The players’ game-time socks and most sweatband accessories are not made by large companies like Nike or Adidas; they’re made here in small town Indiana, less than fifty miles from Conseco Fieldhouse.

The company, For Bare Feet, has been operating since 1984, when fifth grade school teacher Sharon Rivenbark started it in Nashville, Indiana. Twenty-seven years later, she goes by the title CEO.

“I started the company back in 1984 for my son Timothy who we discovered had a brain disease called tuberous sclerosis. And found out that it was going to be debilitating and so I decided to start a shop so that he would always have a place to work. And chose Nashville, Indiana as the place to do that since we lived here,” said Rivenbark.

Since Timothy’s tragic death, the business remains family run even though it’s expanded to be far more than just a local sock shop.

“We make products for the NBA and all the teams and for the colleges. And we do novelty socks, we do sport specific socks, we do leg warmers, we do knee high socks, we do head accessories, head bands, wrist bands, ribbons and bows for the girls, we do rain boots, and we do flip flops. So we really have you covered head to toe.”

The next step for Rivenbark’s business is at the international level. For Bare Feet recently opened an office in England.

And the NBA Conference semi-finals will come to a close by the end of this week. The four teams that make it to the Conference finals will decide if they will wear a brand new, specially designed For Bare Feet sock.

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