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Local Chili’s Restaurants Introduce At Table Payment System

Recently, a chain restaurant implemented a new device that helps with the speed of service while creating less work for the server.

A new system called the Ziosk allows people to order items from the table without a server. Customers can also play games and even pay at the table. Chili’s Franchise has implemented the technology, and the Area Director Chip Haberstroh says it is beneficial for marketing purposes and service flow.

“No longer do you have to have that option of a server taking your credit card going into the back, swiping it and bringing the card slips back out, which could take up to about five minutes,” he says.

Indiana University Informatics Professor Ryan Newton says this device is probably good for business, but there are safety concerns customers should be aware of.

“The customer has a long time to interact with the device at the table, so I think security concerns become paramount because the possibility that a user would be able to compromise the device and then later, for example, collect credit card information from subsequent customers is a scary possibility,” he says.

Newton adds businesses in the future may decrease their serving staff to save money, but no human interaction is unlikely.

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