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Legislature Looks At Pre-K, Abortions And Alcohol Sales


Photo: Noah Coffey (Flickr)

The Indiana Statehouse.

Senate Republicans Monday squashed an attempt by Democrats to reinsert a preschool pilot program that had been eliminated from legislation by the Senate Education Committee.

Governor Mike Pence renewed his call for the pilot program this week, saying “the time is now” for the state to begin providing preschool opportunities for low-income Hoosier children.

A day later, the Senate approved the pre-k bill without including the pilot. The legislation is headed back to the House and will likely go to conference committee for the two chambers to resolve their differences in the bill.

A House committee made changes to a bill regulating doctors who perform abortions.

Planned Parenthood had expressed concerns that a provision requiring backup physicians to submit written proof of their admitting privileges at a local hospital with the Department of Health – making that information available to the public – could leave doctors open to harassment.

The committee amended the bill to allow the Department of Health to redact the doctors’ info.

And the House approved legislation allowing alcohol sales at the State Fair. Pence won’t commit to signing the measure, saying he wants to study the issue first.

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