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Legislature To Amend Smoking Ban And Police Entry Bills

Opponents of the police entry bill say it would allow law enforcement too much unwarranted access. Proponents say its necessary in certain situations.

Two of the biggest bills remaining in the General Assembly this session are poised for makeovers Tuesday.

A House committee last week amended a bill allowing people to resist police entry. The bill’s sponsor, Representative Jud McMillin, says more changes could be on the way. McMillin has been working with law enforcement on the legislation and the Brookville Republican says he will offer an amendment he hopes will ease concerns in the law enforcement community.

“It says the ability to use deadly force against a law enforcement officer is not appropriate in a lot of situations, so it limits the opportunity for folks to do something like that,” he says.

Another amendment to the bill reinstates a list of specific circumstances in which people do not have a right to resist police entry. The list was taken out in committee.

The Senate also held off action on the statewide smoking ban bill Monday. Lafayette Republican Ron Alting says there are a number of amendments on the bill, including one limiting the exemptions in the bill to only casinos.

“If that doesn’t pass, I will say this, I think then you’re going to see a floodgate of exceptions like the bars and the fraternal order clubs,” Alting says.

In the current bill, bars are only exempted for the first 18 months. And social clubs who admit those at least 18 years of age must vote on whether to allow smoking.


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