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Legislation Prohibits Local Governments from Regulating Guns


Photo: Courtesy: Flickr, Gerry

The firearms bill now moves to the governor for his signature.

Local governments will be barred from creating ordinances regulating handgun possession in public places under a bill on its way to the governor.

The legislation prohibits local governments from establishing ordinances regulating firearms…instead leaving that authority to the state and federal government. That includes barring licensed handgun owners from carrying their guns in public places like parks or PTA meetings. Indianapolis Senator Greg Taylor said the bill is taking the state back in time.

“I think we’re moving back, we’re going back to the Wild, Wild West. I’m just going to make sure I have my piece on me so that when something breaks out, I’m ready too,” said Taylor.

Supporters say the bill only applies to those who don’t have licenses to carry. Monticello Senator Brandt Hershman says local governments shouldn’t punish people who follow the rules.

“And for those law-abiding citizens, the doomsday scenarios that have been discussed here are nothing but a fantasy,” said Hershman.

The bill now moves to the governor for his signature.

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