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Romney To Address American Legion In Person, Obama By Video

Indianapolis Convention Center

Photo: Rachel Patterson /

The annual American Legion convention will hear from Mitt Romney live and Barack Obama on a video screen.

President Barack Obama and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney will each speak at the American Legion national convention in Indianapolis this week. But only Romney will make an in-person appearance.

President Obama appeared in person at the American Legion’s national convention for the first time last year. This year, his presence will be via a video message to the convention’s attendees.

Legion national commander Fang Wong admits he is disappointed the president will not be attending.

“But we’ll be listening to both of them and we’ll have to let the membership decide whether or not it is important or not important that the individual be here or not be here,” he says.

Political analyst Ed Feigenbaum says Mitt Romney appearing in person is more important than the president not showing up.

“He’s not made a personal connection with the Legion and the individual members yet,” Feigenbaum says. “This gives him an opportunity to do that and to show his commitment to the organization and to the cause that they represent.”

Wong agreed, saying his members have known Mr. Obama’s positions for nearly four years but still have to study Governor Romney.

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