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Legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway Announcer Dies


Photo: Indianapolis Motor Speedway

For sixty years, Carnegie was the voice of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Tom Carnegie was the lead announcer at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for more than 60 years.  Speedway historian Donald Davidson says his deep, dramatic voice and signature phrases were a key part of the fan experience at the racetrack.  He says Carnegie didn’t like newer fan experiences that came with advanced technology.

“He didn’t like the Jumbo-tron and instant information because he liked to be the one who delivered it,” Davidson said.  “It’s theater Donald, he used to say, it’s theater.  Because he liked to says ‘Ladies and Gentleman’.  And they’d be cheering before they even heard the time and speed,” said Davidson.

For years Carnegie also called the Indiana High School Basketball State Finals, including the 1954 Milan victory featured in the movie “Hoosiers.”  He also appeared in that movie playing himself.

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