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Lawsuit Claims Boys Get Better Game Schedules Than Girls

Girls Basketball

Photo: ISHAA

2009-2010 IHSAA Tournament Photo

A lawsuit claiming some Indiana high schools are violating Title Nine by scheduling boys basketball games in better times slots than girls games has new life after a three-judge panel ruled in favor of the suit.

Two Franklin County mothers filed the suit. One is Amber Parker, a former varsity Franklin County High School basketball coach. The other is Tammy Hurley. Both filed the lawsuit against 14 Indiana public school corporations on behalf of their daughters who played varsity basketball at the school.

The suit alleges weekend games attract large crowds with a full contingent of cheer leaders and band members while weeknight games do not. It also says week night games interrupt student’s ability to complete homework assignments and study for a test the next day. In effect, the scheduling makes girls feel like their games don’t matter while also hurting their academic work.

During the 2009-2010 basketball season, nearly 95 percent of the Franklin boys varsity basketball games were played on weekends. Girls games, on the other hand, were only played on the weekends about 53 percent of the time. Parker did try to petition area athletic directors for equal weekend time, but was met with resistance.

The judges concluded the lawsuit may go forward in reference to the Title IX section that states, no person can be excluded from participating, denied the benefits or be subjected to discrimination under any education program on the basis of their sex.

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