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BMV Overages Lawsuit Moves Forward


Photo: Indiana Stan (Flickr)

Customers wait in an Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles office.

Lawyers filed a class action suit Tuesday against the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, following a judge’s decision to grant the case class-action status.

The suit alleges the BMV has overcharged Hoosiers for new driver’s licenses since 2007. It says the state office charged $4 to $7 more than the dollar amount set by the state legislature.

“If somebody is clever enough to steal million of dollars in tiny little increments of $4 to $7 at a time, does that mean they should be entitled to keep it,” says Cohen & Malad Attorney Richard Shevitz, who is representing the BMV customers. “Just because on an individual basis it may not matter all that much too any individual consumer?”

Shevitz says total collection of these small charges could represent millions of dollars in revenue to the BMV in the last year alone.

A BMV official says the department cannot comment on pending litigation.

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