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Lawmakers Consider New Specialty License Plate Requirements

specialty plates

Photo: Bureau of Motor Vehicles

The measure would create new requirements for specialty license plates in Indiana.

The proposed measure authored by Representative Ed Soliday (R-Valparaiso) creates a Special Group Recognition License Plate committee, composed of eight legislators including four Republicans and four Democrats.

The committee could recommend up to five specialty plates to be added to the state’s list each year. The total number of plates on that list would be capped at 150. The state currently has 103. Once the plates are issued, Soliday says there must be sufficient demand.

“They have to sell at least 500 plates in the first two years and then 500 a year after that,” he says.

That five hundred per year requirement would include plates already in circulation.  Once a group’s plate count drops below five hundred, it ‘s placed on probation for one year.  If the total sold remains under five hundred, the plate is discontinued.  Soliday says specialty groups must also meet certain requirements to receive the plates, including proof of an audit.

“You need to be transparent to your donors and the people you’re giving money to.  Number two, you need to tell us where the money’s going,” he says. “We’re helping you collect it, we need to know where it’s going.”

The measure would also require groups who currently have plates to specifically request them. The bill unanimously passed a House committee Wednesday.

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