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Latino Students Oppose Indiana Senate Immigration Bill


Photo: Ben Skirvin

The bill would require policemen to ask for proof of citizenship if they have "reasonable suspicion" a person is an illegal alien.

An Indiana University Latino student group is rallying opposition to a bill before the Indiana Senate. Carmel Senator Mike Delph’s bill aims to crack down on illegal immigration. The bill would require policemen to ask for proof of citizenship if they have “reasonable suspicion” a person is an illegal alien. Members of the student group DREAM IU gathered at IU’s Latino Cultural Center, La Casa, this week, calling for legislators to oppose Delph’s bill. La Casa Director Lillian Casillas, fears the bill will condone racial discrimination.

“The group of students who are involved in this are concerned. One of their concerns is that people will be profiled. And not just the Latinos but anybody who might be constituted a foreigner or somebody foreign born, that there might be some profiling that happens due to this bill, if this bill passes,” said Casillas.

To curb discrimination on the community level, Casillas believes more multicultural education can help bridge divides.

“There is a lot of stereotypes, a lot of misinformation that is either supported by the media or television. There is a lot of misinformation, so when you don’t have the proper education to learn about diversity it does create some very negative sentiments of people who are different,who are from Latino culture or whatever culture. We are not the only ones that are being targeted,” said Casillas.

The bill has yet to be passed.

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