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Landscapers Discover Syringes, Belongings Outdoors On IU Campus


Photo: Indiana University

The university is warning people against sleeping on campus in public places.

Indiana University Bloomington Police Department confirms personal belongings were discovered just south of campus behind shrubbery last week. Among the items were old clothing and several hypodermic needles and syringes.

A landscaping crew discovered the items while trimming back shrubbery near Third Street and Indiana Avenue. IUPD Lt. Craig Munroe says the items may have belonged to someone homeless who may have slept there overnight.

“Apparently there’s a lot of vegetation there and somebody had placed these items in there, it looks like maybe they’d been there for a while,” Munroe says.

Munroe says he does not believe the site was an organized homeless camp.

Finding syringes near campus is an uncommon issue but they have been found before.

“I guess anecdotally I would say that if we found two or three that would be an increase because that’s something that we typically don’t find on campus,” Munroe says.

IUPD has not tested any of the needles found for drug usage. Munroe says while everyone is welcome on campus, the university doesn’t allow sleeping in public areas and will warn people against doing so.

“We do care about all members of the community and they are in need just as much as anyone else,” Munroe says.

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