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Kruzan Wins Bloomington Democratic Mayoral Primary

Bloomington Mayor Mark Kruzan will vie for a third term in office after winning the city’s Democratic primary election Tuesday.

Kruzan acknowledged polling done by his camp showed a spike in voter sentiment for his main opponent, John Hamilton, about a month before the election, before swinging back to his side.

“Four weeks ago we felt the momentum had shifted toward the Hamilton campaign and then about two weeks ago, I’d say almost to a day, we had numbers that showed the momentum had swung back and it just kept getting better as we went,” Kruzan said.

In the end, Kruzan garnered almost 60 percent of the vote to Hamilton’s 40 percent. The third Democrat on the ballot, John Gusan, collected fewer than two dozen votes.

Hamilton says he will not run as an independent in the fall, but says he hopes his campaign has drawn attention to additional priorities for the next administration. “I think we raised some issues for the city about what ought to be on the agenda and what we need to tackle, and raised some questions and energized the party,” Hamilton said.

Any challengers hoping to run against Kruzan in November’s general election must be nominated by a party caucus or convention by June 30th.

Bloomington City Council

Bloomington’s City Council primaries saw a narrow win by an incumbent in one race and a significant victory for a former radio host in another. District 6 Councilor Steve Volan faced the stiffest competition, winning his campaign by a mere 27 votes over Sandi Cole.  In the first District, incumbent Chris Sturbaum managed to pull down 68-percent of Democratic votes.

Districts 3 and 5 had no incumbents running in the primary.  Marty Spechler walked away with the Democratic Party nomination in the third district, while Darryl Neher beat challenger Megan Hutchinson for the District 5 nomination.

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