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Kruzan says City Won’t Fire Workers Because of Economy

Cash held in reserve by the City of Bloomington will help forestall layoffs for the immediate future, according to Mayor Mark Kruzan.  Speaking on WFIU’s “Ask the Mayor,” Kruzan said economic hardships in places like Columbus and Kokomo which are forcing those cities to issue pink slips are not the same pressures Bloomington faces, allowing the mayor to say — unequivocally — that city employees will keep their jobs.

“What you will see will be a constraining of any growth in the workforce in terms of city employees,” Kruzan said. “My goal in the 2010 budget is to get us back to — ballpark — 2008′s spending level.”

The mayor said he does plan to make good on a promise to increase the number of city firefighters to at least one hundred, perhaps with help from a stimulus package grant.  In order to preserve jobs, Kruzan said some positions which come open will not be filled, and responsibilities will shift to remaining workers.

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