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Kruzan: Competition For Students Mandates Changes for IU, City

Kruzan: Competition For Students Mandates Changes for IU, City


Following three encounters between cars and pedestrians in a week in Bloomington, the city’s mayor says he hopes an agreement can be reached to paint more crosswalks on streets through the Indiana University campus and educate walkers and drivers on laws surrounding them.

When Mark Kruzan was an undergraduate at IU in the early 1980s, fewer students lived off-campus and only upperclassmen could have cars.  But Kruzan says the pressure on all colleges to recruit the best and the brightest has led to an atmosphere which is more permissive, including the rapid growth of both in-town student housing and student-driven automobiles.  Thus, the mayor said, the city’s oversight must change, as well.

“I still would like to see…an increased crosswalk plan,” Kruzan said. “We now are starting to see crosswalks at mid-block.  At communities that I’ve visited, you find motorists know what the pedestrian right-of-way is.  And I think that’s what we have got to start to institute — are places in the city where pedestrians clearly have the right-of-way — marked, signaled, striped.”

The mayor says he’d also like the university to re-institute some form of traffic flow along 7th Street near the IU Auditorium — a parallel street to one on which a pedestrian was hit Friday and one which has since been paved over to become a strictly pedestrian walkway.

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