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Kruzan Approving Of City’s Response To Bloomington Shooting

Bloomington Mayor Mark Kruzan applauds Bloomington Police, Fire, and other emergency responders who were able to bring Tuesday’s west-side shooting incident to a close without any reports of injury.

27-year-old Jesse Sneed faces preliminary charges of criminal recklessness with a weapon after he allegedly fired multiple shots with two high-powered assault rifles from his apartment balcony while intoxicated. Police maintained a secure perimeter around the apartment for almost three hours after the arrest, unsure if they had apprehended the sole shooter involved in the incident. Kruzan says he thinks officers were right to take caution.

Police have not confirmed if the two weapons found in the attic of Sneed’s apartment were legally registered to Sneed, but Kruzan says the fact that such weapons can be legally owned by individuals is concerning. The two semi-automatic weapons allegedly used by Sneed, an A-R 15 and an A-K 47, were prohibited for civilian ownership under the federal assault weapons ban between 1994 and its expiration in 2004.

Police Tuesday said they were forced to cordon off such a wide perimeter around Sneed’s apartment because the range of those weapons is between three and five hundred meters. Sneed is scheduled to appear in court later today to hear the formal charges against him. He’s being held without bond.

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