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Kokomo Republicans And Democrats Plan To Work Together

Elk's Lodge in Kokomo

Photo: Kyle Stokes/WFIU News

Democratic and Republican candidates alike gathered at Elk's Lodge in Kokomo after municipal elections.

Despite losses in the mayor’s race and on the city council, many Kokomo Republicans ended up in the same bar as their Democratic opponents following Tuesday night’s election.

Both sides say this speaks to how little they feel the dynamics of the Council will change, even though Democrats expanded their Council majority. Democrats now hold 6 of 9 seats, up from a five-to-four majority. But re-elected Republican council member Kevin Summers says he anticipates working across party lines.

“Even though we may be on difference in the aisle, Democrat or Republican, I think when we come together and work for our communities, it’s as one — and I think that’s a great relationship that we do have,” Summers says.

Re-elected Democratic mayor Greg Goodnight says he was comfortable with the council candidates running on both sides of the ticket and even lauded the re-election of the three Republicans as a testament to the board’s city-first mentality.

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