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Kokomo Recovers From Worst Flood On Record

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    Photo: City of Kokomo

    Flood waters covered streets in Kokomo on Friday, as well as parts of cars and homes.

  • kokomo flood

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    Photo: City of Kokomo

    An aerial photo of Kokomo on Friday, April 19, 2013, shows parts of the city underwater.

Homeowners in Kokomo are taking stock of how much damage flooding did Friday

Engineers spent Monday using instruments to track how high the water got on home as the flood reached its peak. On some homes, there’s a visible water line documenting the damage.

But elsewhere it is the yards and curbs which tell the story.

Becky Favors had to evacuate her first-floor apartment as the water rose Friday and now needs replacements for most of her furniture and other belongings.

“You can’t repair it. It’s just all gone,” she says. “Right now I’m just trying to get help get everything out so that we can get in there and get working on it so I can move into it. Then I’m going to worry about it.”

Kokomo’s director of special projects, David Tharp, says the city is assembling a program aimed at keeping displaced residents from moving out of the city.

“The city’s looking at a way to make sure that we can relocate individuals who want to stay in the city but can’t stay in the properties that they’re in; getting them some other locations,” Tharp says. “And we’re working on that plan right now.”

As volunteers from the Red Cross work to send the last few displaced people home from a makeshift shelter at Kokomo High School’s Memorial Gymnasium, Tharp says city officials are in contact with state and federal officials about getting assistance.

Becky Favors says she would just like help getting her electricity turned back on.

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