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Kokomo Opens New Clinic For City And County Employees

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Photo: Bill Shaw/Indiana Public Media

The clinic will provide occupational medicine and behavioral medicine in addition to primary care and wellness.

Kokomo is opening a new health clinic for city employees.  It will replace the existing clinic that only provided city employees with a place for checkups and other basic services. Billie Dragoo is the founder of the new onsite clinic called RepuCare.  She says it will offer employees more options.

“The city of Kokomo liked the fact that we were able to do the occupational medicine and the behavioral medicine in addition to primary care and wellness,” says Dragoo.

City Councilwoman Cynthia Sanders says the previous facility was overcrowded because it was the primary clinic for all city employees.

“It’s a lot easier to go to a clinic that you can get into rather than the appointment and that helps with the city so that people don’t miss as much time. It’s always good to get in the sooner the better,” says Sanders.

The new clinic will be located in Indianapolis.  It will open April 30.  In addition to Kokomo city employees, it will also provide services to Howard County employees..

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