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Kokomo Named First in Small Housing Market

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Photo: Monroe County Assessors Office

Indiana is ranked as the most affordable housing market in the country; Kokomo is ranked first in the smaller housing category.

A recent report from The National Association of Home Builders selected Indiana as the most affordable housing market in the country… with Kokomo taking the 1st place in Smaller Housing Market.  Indianapolis-Carmel regained the top spot in the Major Housing Market category…  a spot which it has held for the last 5-years… with the exception of the last quarter.  Amy Pate, Executive Vice-President of the Realtors Association of Central Indiana, says that job loss in markets like the automotive industry have played an important role in controlling housing prices.

“Well Kokomo has historically been a very affordable town and like most communities property value have gone done some with the recession and job losses in our area,”  Pate said. 

Pate adds that Kokomo is not only an affordable place to live, but also a great place to live and reiterates that Kokomo is a solid option for middle income families.

“The city government has done a great job of doing some beautification projects and it’s a great place to raise a family so it’s quite an opportunity for families that are in a more modest income range to own a a nice home,”  Pate said. 

Other smaller housing markets near the top of the index included Mansfield and Lima, Ohio as well as Monroe and Bay City, Michigan

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