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Kokomo City Hall To Get $800,000 Facelift

  • Kokomo City Hall Exterior

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    Photo: Courtesy City of Kokomo

    The outside of Kokomo's city hall would add public art and colored paneling.

  • Kokomo City Hall Auto Wall

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    Photo: Courtesy City of Kokomo

    Inside, the city will pay homage to how automobile manufacturing has been Kokomo's lifeblood.

Kokomo’s city hall is set to receive a long-awaited renovation, with the goal making what is currently a very plain building seem more inviting.

But for beveled, cutout entryways on its northwest and southeast corners, Kokomo’s city hall could aptly be described as “boxy” or “right-angled”.  Suffice to say: as orange brick buildings go, the seat of city government is built for usefulness, not aesthetics.  But Mayor Greg Goodnight has pondered for months how to spruce up the place.

“We’re looking at about $800,000 this year in exterior renovations and the entryway into city hall.  And that will be taken out of the city’s general fund,” Goodnight says.

That amount of money doesn’t even consume a tenth of the city’s $10 million surplus and could pay for the addition of a public art project, metallic panels on the building’s exterior and Goodnight’s pet project – a public fountain he envisions children playing in some day.  The project will also include several nods to the city’s automotive history, including a photo wall inside showcasing how the city grew up alongside the passenger car.

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