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Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Commemorates 100 Years

  • KAPsi

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    The traditionally black fraternity celebrates 100 years next month.

  • Dwayne Murray & Mark Kruzan

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    Bloomington's Mayor greets Kappa Alpha Psi Grand Polemarch Dwayne Murray.

  • Front and Center

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    Dr. William A. Adkins, Jr., Bloomington Mayor Mark Kruzan, IU Provost, Karen Hanson, IU President Michael McRobbie

  • Kappa Alpha Psi audience

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    Kappa Alpha Psi members in the audience.

  • Kappa Alpha Psi members on stage

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    Kappa Alpha Psi members on stage.

  • Kappa's give homage

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    Kappa’s give homage in IU Cinema

  • Kappa's sing hymn

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    Kappa Alpha Psi members sing national hymn.

  • Review Program Booklet

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    Audience member reviews booklet.

An organization founded on Indiana University’s campus celebrates its founder’s day on January 5, 2011. This marks 100 years for Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., which has more than 750 chapters across the nation.

Centennial Chair Dwayne Murray says the goal of the organization is to inspire young people and work to enhance the future. “Equality should not be indivisible everybody should have a right to capital, and access to education, and those things early on in 1911 were not afforded to men of color,” said Murray.

Murray says he’s thankful that institutions such as Indiana University gave people of color an opportunity to receive an education, which he says is the foundation of success today. “African Americans all across this nation were denied equal access to education and we give homage to Indiana University for giving Kappa Alpha Psi that foundation to have equal access to education,” he said.

The historical implications of organizations like Kappa Alpha Psi had an impact on Bloomington Mayor Mark Kruzan, who says it was his college neighbors who introduced him to different cultures. “You can learn lot by interacting with those you might not necessarily socialize with on a day-to-day basis, we’ve come a long way.”

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