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June Temps In March Don’t Mean Hot Summer


Photo: Flickr/Karen Montgomery

June temperatures in March don’t necessarily mean a hot, scorching summer.

Temperatures this time last year were in the mid-40’s. Daytime highs expected the next several days are in the upper-70’s. A 35 degree temperature difference that has broken daytime high records.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Crystalyme Pettet says an earlier than normal warm stretch brought on the record breaking temperatures.

“We do have a ridge of high pressure over the area, and actually it’s just to the east of us and that’s allowing for this warm southerly flow to come up into the area and since it’s been rather stationary that pattern has been pretty stagnant,” she says.

Pettet says there’s no correlation to the warm spring and a possible hot summer. But if the mild weather continues after Thursday, this may become the warmest March of record since 1910.

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