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Job Growth Slowdown Could Affect Indiana Senate Race

jobs fair


Job seeks talk to employers at a jobs fair housed by Rep. Joe Donnelly in 2011. Donnelly and GOP senate candidate and state treasurer Richard Mourdock have opposing views on what could help spur economic growth.

Job growth for the nation was slow again last month, with 80,000 jobs added, and unemployment remaining at 8.2 percent.

Job growth on the national level has been trending downward for several months. Although Indiana’s economy has remained relatively insulated, posting strong job numbers recently, Ball State economist Michael Hicks says at some point, Indiana will feel of the effects of the national slowdown.

GOP Senate candidate Richard Mourdock says repealing the Affordable Care Act and reducing the national debt are keys to turning around the economy.  And he says federal overregulation of business is something he would address in Washington.

“EPA, the Department of Labor, many others that are absolutely strangling the people who could be creating jobs right now with stricter enforcement of their policies. It’s just not leading to growth,” he says.

State Democratic Party chairman Dan Parker says the economy is not where anyone would like it to be. Democratic candidate Joe Donnelly was not available for comment, but Parker says Donnelly has a record of supporting policies that best serve Indiana’s economy like the auto bailout.

“Joe Donnelly fought for a good deal for Indiana which has saved Chrysler, saved GM and these companies are growing in Indiana,” Parker says.

Parker accused Mourdock of opposing the auto bailout for purely political reasons. Mourdock says Donnelly’s support of President Obama’s policies will hurt him with Hoosiers.

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