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Indiana Residents Feel Ripple Effect of Chrysler Closings

As Chrysler closings affect an estimated 400,000 people around the nation, some residents in Indiana will feel the ripple effect. However, lists and numbers can be deceiving. As many dealerships close, some are merely losing a brand.

What seems like a daunting list of almost 800 Chrysler stores across America, 21 dealerships in Indiana will soon be forced to terminate all sales and service dealer agreements and sell all remaining stock items. Jasper car dealer Jeryl Lueger received his letter from Chrysler forcing him to discontinue the Jeep brand he’s been selling since 1973.

“Certainly it’s a painful thing for us to lose a brand that has been a large part of our business and our success over the years.”

The misconception is that of all the dealerships named on the list are closing. Yet as a multi-line dealer, Bob Luegers Motors plans to sell their Buick, GMC and Pontiac vehicles despite the setback. Sternberg Chrysler Center looks to gain from the loses by consolidating all Chrysler brands under one roof.

“Well I think overall it’s going to be a strong network of dealers and unfortunately they had to go through a few closings to do so.”

By selling off some of their remaining inventory at retail price, remaining items will potentially be sold to another dealer

“In all reality, when it’s all said and done, Chrysler will be a stronger company and have a stronger network of dealers.”

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