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Ivy Tech Denied Money for Expansion


A state budget committee has denied Ivy Tech's request for money for a multi-million dollar construction project.

Ivy Tech’s attempt to get state funding for a number of construction projects has failed.  A state budget committee last week rejected the college’s request.  Ivy Tech Bloomington Chancellor John Whikehart contends the committee denied the $20-million project because of a procedural concern.

“I believe that some of the committee members did not believe the request to approve the project had been thoroughly vetted in the process that has been created,” Whikehart said. “The second issue is the state’s bond rating in terms of debts and interest on debts that the state would  incur on a project like this ”

Ivy Tech Bloomington opened in 2002 with space for up to 5000 students.  Enrollment is currently at 6000.

“Spaces are our premium,” Whikehart said.  “We want to meet the states goal’s of educating more Hoosiers and having more Indiana residents with college degrees. But the priority has been conflicted right now, because we cannot do that without adequate spaces to hold classes and sessions of classes to accommodate the growth we have. ”

The proposed construction would add 85,000 square feet to the campus.  The legislature approved the project last year, but Ivy Tech can’t start construction until the State Budget Committee gives its final approval.

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