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IUPUI Exhibit To Examine Various Types of Homelessness

Homeless Sign

Photo: Kacie Lambert / Flickr

Leaders say there are more than 1,500 homeless people in Marion County.

A new forum and exhibit at IUPUI focuses on the archaeology of the homeless. “What Does Homelessness Look Like” is a student-curated exhibit on how and why archaeologists study homeless material culture.

IUPUI anthropology professor Dr. Larry Zimmerman says the exhibit will not look like a shelter, but will be patterned after a homeless camp. Zimmerman says there are different varieties of homeless people.

“For example, I have a student right now who‘s one of my work-study students who atually lives in his van full time, parks it here on campus and uses public facilities and so forth for showers and that kind of thing,” Zimmerman says. “That‘s a kind of homelessness, but there are other sorts of things as well and so much of it depends on the individual.”

Zimmerman says he found a camp in Indianapolis where homeless people have been living for as long as 30 years. He says Indianapolis‘ homeless are counted each winter and says the number usually ranges from 1,500 to 1,700. The forum and exhibit will be held at the Indianapolis central library.

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