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IUPD To Use Remote Jail Booking Program This Weekend

Nearly 80 full-time and part-time officers for the IUPD will be working to make this race weekend safer. Last year more than 220 people — most of them students — were arrested during the weekend of the Little 500.

But Indiana University Police Chief Keith Cash says with so much activity on campus, officers are not trying to fill arrest quotas.

“It’s time consuming to do it. We’re really taking the worst of the worst and it’s based on someone’s behavior,” he says.

This isn’t Cash’s first Little 5. He’s been working for IUPD for about 30 years.

This past year, Cash says IUPD developed a remote jail booking program that should keep fewer officers tied up.

“It’s quicker to book them in and it frees our officers up immediately to go back on patrol.”

Chief Cash has advice for those students choosing to celebrate this weekend.

“If someone chooses to party, that they do so responsibly. That they don’t engage in behaviors that will draw attention to themselves or don’t hang out with people that’ll draw attention to them for doing illegal activities.”

The 25th annual women’s race will take place Friday evening at 7 and the men’s race will take place Saturday at 2 pm.

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