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IU-Notify Evacuates Classes During Morning Tornado Drill

Susan Williams was not going to miss participating in the statewide tornado drill during her class today. That’s because she is also part of the Emergency Management and Continuity team at Indiana University.

“Their entire job is to plan what various university communities would do in an instance of a chemical spill or severe weather,” Williams says.

The emergency management team participated in Indiana’s Severe Weather Awareness week by activating IU-Notify for the tornado drills on Wednesday. At 10:17 AM, cell phones started buzzing indicating, ‘This is a Tornado Drill. Seek Shelter Now.’

Williams says support for emergency management services has grown over the last five years.

“There has been a lot of federal grant money and state grant money and from what I’m told by trainers who teach emergency courses, Indiana is well ahead of the rest of the nation in terms of preparing to handle an emergency,” she says.

Although April through June is the peak period for severe weather in Indiana, deadly tornadoes, like the one in Henryville this month, may strike at any time.

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