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IU Urges All Students In Egypt To Return Home

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Photo: Indiana University

IU officials say they fear for the safety of students like Luke Gates, who was accused of throwing explosives during a protest.

With an Indiana University student arrested in Egypt now home, the University is urging two other IU students in Cairo to follow suit. The university says it fears for the students’ safety because of the renewed unrest in Egypt. Spokesman Mark Land says the university is in close contact with the students and their families, but neither has made a decision whether to stay or go.

“I can only assume that both those students are talking with their parents and giving this a lot of thought,” Land says. “We want to make it clear to them, though, that their safety is our primary concern here, and so we do think that they would be better off getting home.”

Land says IU has assured the students they will lose no academic credit if they terminate their semester abroad at the American University in Cairo ahead of schedule. Junior Luke Gates, whom Egyptian authorities had accused of throwing fire bombs during street protests, was freed by an Egyptian court along with two other students last week.

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