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IU Students Occupy Fine Arts Building

Fine Arts Building

Photo: Kyle Stokes/StateImpact Indiana

Workers from IU's Physical Plant department arrived Wednesday morning to remove signs after students occupied at the Fine Arts building.

Student protesters and members of the community occupied a lecture hall in the Indiana University Fine Arts building Tuesday night but left peacefully Wednesday morning after IUPD officers arrived at the building.

IUPD Chief Cash reported about a dozen students at the scene, who by the time the police arrived were “standing at the back of the room starting to collect their items to leave.”

Workers in charge of maintaining campus facilities arrived Wednesday morning with hoses and a cherry picker to remove banners dropped from the top of the building and clean chalk messages off the sidewalks.

IU student James Lewis says the protesters came for “many different reasons” but says he personally came because he believes there is a lack of student input into the university’s decisions.

“The board of trustees is not elected. It has nothing to do with students,” he says.

Three of the trustees are elected by alumni and the rest are appointed by the governor. IU spokesperson Mark Land says the needs and challenges of IU students are never lost on the people making the decisions.

“Our trustees are very much aware of the impact of the actions that they make and are weighing a lot of factors when determining things like tuition and fees. The same thing goes for university administration,” Land says. “We recognize that anytime you raise a fee it is going to have an impact on some people.”

The IU Board of Trustees is scheduled to meet Thursday. Among the items on their agenda is possible pay and tuition increases.


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