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IU Student Released In Egypt

Egypt protests

Photo: Rowan El Shimi (Flickr)

Egyptians have been protesting in Cairo's Tahrir square over the way the military has handled the government.

The three students, including one from Indiana University, who were being detained in Cairo have been released according to IU.

In a written statement released late Thursday morning IU said it had confirmed that Egypt ordered the students’ release. The news comes after two days of questioning during which the U.S. Embassy took a lead role in the case.

IU student Luke Gates and the other two students were detained by Egyptian officials Monday after they were accused of throwing Molotov cocktails during protests in Tahrir square.

“Indiana University is relieved and delighted to learn that Luke and the two other U.S. students detained by Egyptian authorities have been released and this issue apparently has been resolved satisfactorily,” IU said.

IU said it has arranged for Gates’ immediate return to the U.S. and is urging its other students studying at American University in Cairo to come home because of escalating violence.

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