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IU On Strike Protests Long List Of Student Woes

Strikers march on the IU campus

A march today by a group calling itself “IU On Strike” ended at a meeting of the Indiana University trustees, but without the fanfare of previous sit-ins.

The group started its march across campus in the morning, complete with musical instruments and a bevy of signs. Police and barricades stood and waited, but it was not until the afternoon arrived and rain began to fall that the group made its way to the steps of Franklin Hall, where the IU trustees were meeting.

As most of the group waited outside the doors, the protestors were let in five at a time, their belongings searched and instructions given to remain docile during the meeting. The group followed those instructions.

Though the chanting outside Franklin Hall became directed at specific issues, the variety of the issues abounded, covering everything from student debt to joblessness to anger at Governor Mike Pence for naming trustees, even though he has not named even one in this, his first year in office.

One of the group’s organizers, David Hamilton, called the disjointed nature of the protest one of its strengths.

“While there sometimes is a lack of guidance and kind of a lack of cohesion sometimes, there is a great deal of capacity for people to just participate,” he says.

The trustees made no mention of the protestors during the meeting and by the time the afternoon session was over, the band of more than a hundred had all but dispersed.

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