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IU Researcher Receives $2 Million Grant To Study Mutations

Joseph Shaw

Photo: courtesy SPEA

IU Professor Joseph Shaw will use a $2 million grant to study how environment can lead to genetic changes in certain members of a society.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences granted more than $2 million to Indiana University researcher Joseph Shaw. The grant money is meant to finance a five-year study of environmental effects on genetics. The grant was given through the NIEHS’s Outstanding New Environmental Scientists Program.

The project started while Shaw was looking at the mutations and genetics of daphnia, or water fleas.  Shaw’s team will look at how environment may change different individuals within populations, and attempt to draw parallels to human health practices.

Shaw hiring for the project will be done not only internally, but also nationally and internationally.

“We’re hiring IU undergrads right now in the lab to really get geared up for this,” Shaw said. “And we’ll be hiring a couple full-time technicians.”

Shaw said he expects to begin his research soon.

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