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IU Proton Therapy Center And Cyclotron Facilities To Close


Photo: IU Cyclotron Operations Website

The IU Health Proton Therapy Center has offered cancer treatment for more than a decade.

Indiana University will close its Proton Therapy Center and Cyclotron facilities in Bloomington by January 2015.

The decision comes after an outside committee recommended its closure because of financial struggles.

The proton therapy center has offered cancer treatment for more than a decade, but IU spokesman Mark Land says it ran a $3.5 million deficit last year and is operating on outdated technology.

“It’s a difficult day obviously because we have people out there on both sides who are very, very good at their job and have done truly life-saving work,” Land said. “But that facility has not operated at a positive financial margin, with the exception of one year, at any time in its ten year history.”

When it was built, there were only two other proton therapy centers in the country. Now, Land says with 15 other options, including one in Chicago and Cincinnati, the IU facility, which has 120 employees, is not necessary. IU will help try to place those employees in other jobs at the university.

The center is currently serving 30 patients, who will be able to finish their treatment at IU.

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