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IU Press Begins Collaboration For First Time

A proposal from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has university presses considering new ways of doing business. Indiana University Press officials are waiting to hear whether or not their proposal will receive funding. The project to transfer ethnomusicological research to digital format is a joint effort of the presses at IU, Temple, and Kent State University. IU Press spokesperson Janet Rabinowitch says the plan was drafted in response to a Mellon letter sent to university presses across the country, encouraging more projects aimed at humanities. She says the Mellon grant could help fund projects IU might not otherwise be able to pursue.

Rabinowitch says the foundation also invited university presses to collaborate with one another. She says because most schools are competing against each other, cooperation is not typical among university presses. But she says working with Temple and Kent State has been a positive experience so far. Rabinowitch says while IU’s project made the final cut, the Mellon Foundation did not give a specific timetable for announcing the recipients, or even provide a specific number indicating how much funding each project would receive.

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