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IU Offers HIV Testing

IU is trying to raise awareness about sexually transmitted diseases.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American College Health Association, 1 in 500 students are infected with HIV. The university offered free testing this week. Bloomington Hospital health educator Meredith Short says many students are unaware of what HIV is and how it can affect your health.

“They think take a pill it’s not as big deal anymore, but actually that’s not true. You can take a pill and it makes it more manageable, but still there’s no cure,” Short said.  “So, it’s a big deal.”

Short says about 125-150 people took advantage of the free testing and one of those was Nick Metzger. He says college students are uniformed about HIV and AIDS because they fear the disease.

“It’s that age in your life where college students are careless because they can be,” Metzger said.  “You want to be ignorant.  It’s easier to be ignorant than not care than to be scared and be aware.”

Short identifies that in Monroe County there are 180 known cases of HIV.  Free HIV/AIDS testing is available all the time through the Bloomington Hospital Community Health Services.

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