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IU Hoosiers Beat Iowa, 73-60

  • zeller dunks

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    Photo: Alex Dierckman

    Cody Zeller dunks the ball during the game against Iowa on Saturday, March 3, 2013.

  • remy abell

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    Photo: Alex Dierckman

    Remy Abell plays defense against Iowa's Roy Devyn Marble.

  • iowa on the bench

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    Photo: Alex Dierckman

    University of Iowa plays sit anxiously on the bench during the game against IU.

  • jordan hulls

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    Photo: Alex Dierckman

    Jordan Hulls in the game versus the University of Iowa.

Meeting for the second time this season, the Indiana University Hoosiers hosted the University of Iowa Hawkeyes Saturday night and won, with a final score of 73-60. That was a more comfortable spread for the Hoosiers than the last time the two teams met, when IU barely claimed the win 69-65.

With the regular season coming to an end, the Hoosiers have had difficultly playing against unranked teams. They have lost to four-unranked teams. The most recent loss was last Tuesday against the University of Minnesota with an end score of 77-73.

The Hoosiers continued to struggle offensively during Saturday’s game as they had difficulty making solid contact with the net. The usually strong shooting team ended the game with only 21 of 54 field goals. Key players Christian Watford and Jordan Hulls contributed only five and two points, respectively.

However, Iowa also had an off game, making only 21 of 55 field goals. The key player for the Hawkeyes was junior Roy Devyn Marble, who scored 20 points.

Cody Zeller proved to be the Hoosiers key player for Saturday’s game, earning IU 22 points, eight of which were free throws.

The two teams poor shooting performance also showed in their three-point attempts. The Hoosiers, who usually rely on their ability to play behind the line, did not make a single three-pointer until the last minutes of the game. They ended 2 for 14 on three-point attempts. Iowa made only one out of 13.

Iowa emphasized a strong man-to-man defense against the Hoosiers, which likely contributed to IU’s low scoring percentage. Zeller says he knew going into the game, the match-up would not be easy.

“They are a tough team,” he said in the post-game press conference. “They come out and play hard whether they are up 10 or down 10.  They are going to fight you until the end. They have a lot of toughness and they run their stuff well.”

IU’s Head Coach Tom Crean called the game “a hard fought victory.”

“Getting to this point is not easy. Getting to this year was not easy. These men continue to improve and see results,” he said. “The sign of a mature team is that they never wavered on the defensive end.”

With Saturday’s win, the Hoosiers hold a record of 25-4 overall and 13-3 in the Big Ten conference.

The Hoosiers come back to Assembly Hall Tuesday to host Ohio State (#16).

Game Summary

The first half began with IU’s Zeller winning the tip-off for the Hoosiers. But the half proved to be an weak performance for both teams.

The Hoosiers struggled to find the basket, causing IU to not put double digits on the scoreboard until about seven minutes into the game. However, this was still better than Iowa, who did not reach double digits until a little under six minutes left in the first half.

Indiana’s shooting struggled during the first half, leaving them with only 8-28 on field goals. Adding to this poor performance, Indiana did not make a single three pointer out of nine different attempts during the first half.

Coming out after the half leading Iowa 26-14, the Hoosiers focused on driving the ball to the net. This helped IU to continue to strengthen their lead over the Hawkeyes and keep the lead for the remainder of the game.

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