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IU Home Game Held Away Cuts Income in Half for Local Bar

46 Traffic

Photo: Bill Shaw/ WTIU

Game days not only bring business, but heavy traffic... especially on the bypass now under construction.

With this weekend’s IU home game against Penn State being held… away, Bloomington business owners won’t benefit from the thousands of fans in town.

Several factors play in the equation for weekend business earnings, such as, the IU opponent, game time and weather. But with this weekend’s game being held away, local sports bar general manager and co-owner of Yogi’s Joana Glasscott said they’re likely to make half as much as they would on a home game weekend.

“We can do anywhere from 16, 18 to 24 thousand dollars if it was homecoming or something like that, but on an away game we’ll probably do 9 or 10, so it does definitely affect us. We’re a business, they’re a business, and they have to make money too so, we totally understand why, but it does affect our daily sales.”

The IU Penn State game is Saturday at Fedex Field in Landover, Maryland.

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