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IU Graduation Moved From Assembly Hall Due To Construction


Photo: IU School of Medicine (Flickr)

IU's December graduation will still be held in Assembly Hall.

Indiana University in Bloomington will move its May commencement ceremony as a result of renovations being done to Assembly Hall.

IU spokesperson Mark Land says construction will start being in spring of 2015, and will not affect the upcoming December commencement.

“It’s a complex dance because as you probably know, these renovations are significant but at the same time, we don’t really have any other place to put 17,000 people to play basketball while this is going on,” Land says.

During next year’s basketball season, Land says the arena will continue construction in areas that won’t be used by fans or players.

Land says this early announcement is to let students and parents know in advance, but so far the details have yet to be worked out.

The undergraduate commencement will be outside at Memorial Stadium May 9. The graduate commencement will be a day before in Mellencamp Pavilion.

Renovations are scheduled to finish by the start of the 2016-2017 basketball season.

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