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IU Football Takes On Michigan State For Homecoming


Photo: Bill Shaw

The IU football team practices prior to the 2012 season.

As homecoming festivities ensue across Bloomington campus, the one thing on many Hoosier fan’s mind is how the Indiana football team will fare against one of the Big Ten power houses Michigan State.

Indiana hit another speed bump last week after losing their second straight game to Northwestern. The Hoosiers suffered a defensive break down allowing the Wildcats to set a school record for the amount of total yards gained in one game with 704 yards of total offense.

IU Coach Kevin Wilson says the Hoosiers are working hard in practice to address some of the defensive issues in order to beat Michigan State at home this Saturday.

“We do things in practice. We’re not overly combative where we try to just beat our guys up and put them in vulnerable positions to get,” he says. “For injuries, but you gotta hit it. I believe you have to learn how to give a blow. You’ve gotta learn how to take a blow.”

The formerly ranked Michigan State Spartans will be a true test to the Hoosiers. Assistant Head Coach Doug Mallory says the key for IU is to get back to basics in order to keep the Hoosiers competitive with the Spartans, who are fresh off a loss to Ohio State. The Spartans’ only losses on the season were to 12th ranked Ohio State and now 9th ranked Notre Dame.

“I don’t necessarily get caught up in yardage,” Mallory says. “I don’t necessarily get caught up in time of possession. Where we need to get better is the fundamentals. Like Mike said earlier, we need to do a better job getting off of the blocks and that’s day one fundamentals of defense.”

A win for the Hoosiers could bring back some hope to the Hoosier fans, and boost player confidence. The game will kick off at 12 p.m. at Memorial Stadium.

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