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IU Faculty Speak Out On McRobbie Raise

Some Faculty and staff at Indiana University are speaking out about the more than 12 percent raise IU trustees recently awarded to President Michael McRobbie.

In an excerpt from a letter to the editor, Beth Samuelson explains why she will no longer support the IU Foundation: “I cannot continue to give to the organization that uses my funds irresponsibly.  Until McRobbie declines his raise I will not make gifts to Indiana University.”

Samuelson says when people make charitable donations, they should have control over where that money goes.

“There’s need in the state and if the university isn’t going to use our money responsibly we can find other places to give it and we will,” Samuelson said.

The raise brings McRobbie’s annual salary to more than $533,000. Union President Bryce Smedley says the CWA urged McRobbie to decline the money given that students are facing increased tuition costs and other university employees are only seeing minimal pay increases.

“Some members of the faculty here are saying enough is enough it’s time for a real dialogue. How much is too much, to pay someone to run a University and how little is too little to pay people to work here? It’s time people stand up and do something,” Smedley said.

The Union would like to negotiate better terms for those affected on the IU campus.

“We’d like to sit down and speak with President McRobbie about the realities that students, support staff and faculty face on this campus,” he said.

University administration declined to comment on this story.

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