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IU Faces Purdue In Old Oaken Bucket Rivalry

IU player holds OAKEN BUCKET

Photo: Chris Meyer/Courtesy of Indiana University

IU's John Sandberg hoisted the Old Oaken Bucket in victory following IU's 27-24 defeat of Purdue Nov. 17, 2007, at Memorial Stadium in Bloomington. Teammates Brandon Walker-Roby (from left), Josiah Sears, Terrance Turner and Isaac Price joined in the celebration.

The showdown for the coveted Old Oaken Bucket trophy between the Indiana University and Purdue football teams will play out in Lafayette on Saturday.

Purdue has largely dominated the rivalry that dates back over a hundred years, but IU Head Coach Kevin Wilson says he thinks IU could win this time around.

“It will mean a lot to these seniors, and I think it will be a positive deal for the football program,” he says. “The bottom-line is you are playing your rival, and winning over your rival is one of the great things in sports.”

IU senior center Will Matte and 2010 bucket winner says the team understands what a win would mean to the IU football.

“I think it will be just amazing, not only for leaving kind a stamp on the end of your year and career but just for the young guys to see, the guys who haven’t played in the game yet, just to see what it’s all about,” Matte says.

If IU wins, it would keep Purdue out of a bowl game, which is something IU senior defensive tackle Larry Black would like to see.

“It is just a big rivalry game for us, and we want to go out and win each time we take the field against those guys, that’s just the plan.” Black says.

IU will have its hands full trying to stop the momentum of a Purdue team which has won its last two Big Ten games and are defending the Old Oaken Bucket. The game will be IU’s last of the season. If IU wins, it will be the team’s third Big Ten win this season.

Kickoff begins at noon.

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