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IU Extends Condolences to Family of Deceased Student

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Photo: Indiana University

IU offers condolences to family of victim.

IU officials are extending their condolences to the family of a student who died after being found unconscious at a fraternity house. 19 year old Brian Macken was found unresponsive this weekend at the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity house. According to the IU Interfraternity Council, Macken was a former member of the fraternity. In a statement to the media, Dean of Students Pete Goldsmith said the university is working to determine what happened, primarily so nothing like it happens again. Macken’s professors and classmates were notified of his death today.

Meanwhile, the IU Police Department is continuing to investigate the incident. Officers found no signs of drug use at the fraternity, but did discover evidence of drug use in Macken’s dormitory. The police department is awaiting toxicology results to determine if Macken had ingested drugs or alcohol before he became unconscious.

Goldsmith says after the police investigation is complete, his office will review the report to determine if any university policies were violated.

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