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IU Employees On Losing End Of Insurance Contract Breakdown


Photo: number657 (Flickr)

A copy of an anthem insurance card.

Thousands of Indiana University employees might have to switch doctors, or pay more to see the ones they currently have. Contract negotiations broke down last month between the insurance company Anthem and Premier Health Care, a large network of physicians across south central Indiana.

Premier Healthcare says Anthem was not paying enough money to its doctors, while Anthem countered that renewing Premier’s contract called for a 14-percent higher reimbursement than the current rate.

Indiana University was hoping Premier would agree to Anthem’s contract. IU Spokesman Mark Land says the contract fallout affects more than just IU employees.

It’s just disappointing that these things happen, and at the expense of not just our employees, but other folks who are covered by Anthem that want to use their Premier doctor,” he says. “You had hoped that the two sides could come together, and it’s disappointing that Premier hasn’t seen fit to find an agreement here.”

A spokesperson at Anthem declined to comment, but referred to a previously released statement in which it blames Premier for asking Anthem to pay it more than it pays other health providers in the area.

Premier says it asked for healthcare reimbursement that meets the national average.

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