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IU Celebrates Lives Of Elinor And Vincent Ostrom


Photo: Courtesy of Indiana University

Ostrom was a prize winnigng reseacher who died earlier this year.

Indiana University officials say scholars from around the world plan to attend a celebration of the lives of the late Nobel Prize-winning researcher Elinor Ostrom and her husband Vincent.  The school is hosting the ceremony October 15 in the IU auditorium.

Burney Fischer, who co-directs the Ostrom Workshop in Political Theory and Analysis, says the remembrance will focus on a pair of serious scholars whose friendship made as much of an impact on their peers as did their work.

“The one thing that always impresses people is when Lin’s famous book written about the common, she dedicated to her husband Vincent, and she said,  “For a life of contestation.” Fischer says. “That is they argued about lots of things in a very friendly way. There was an ongoing debate of all kinds of theories.”

The workshop staff will also gather together at the Union next Tuesday to mourn the couple in a family atmosphere.

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