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IU Bloomington’s Orientation Begins

Nearly 400 students and their families descended on Bloomington Tuesday for the first of Indiana University’s summer orientation sessions for incoming freshmen. The two-day program offers students a chance to meet with academic advisers, register for fall classes, and take placement tests. But some students may be using the time to put IU to the test as well. Summer orientation director Melanie Payne says she gets the sense that an increasing number of students are actually committing to more than one university, while attending multiple orientations before making a final decision.

Payne says she’s administering a survey this year to study how many students are accepting offers of admission from multiple schools before making a decision. Students who did so would presumably be sacrificing their enrollment deposits. Payne says it’s all the more important for orientation to make a positive impression on students and parents. She asks that Bloomington citizens be patient when it comes to the increased traffic and large groups of pedestrians that orientation brings. Payne expects over6,000 students to attend orientation sessions between now and mid-July.

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