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Irsay Found With $29,000 And Multiple Prescription Bottles


Photo: Carmel Police Department

Irsay was arrested March 16, 2014 driving in Carmel.

Police reports show Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay had a variety of prescription drugs with him and more than $29,000 when he was arrested earlier this month following a traffic stop in Carmel.

According to Officer James Morris’ report, he pulled Irsay over on March 16 just before midnight after he saw him stop multiple times in the road for no apparent reason and then turn without using a signal.

In the police report, Morris writes, “As I was speaking with Irsay his speech was very slow and slurred and Irsay appeared to be disoriented.”

Irsay struggled to stand during multiple sobriety tests and officers had to help support him.

Irsay refused to a voluntary blood draw so officers got a warrant and took samples that have been placed into evidence.

During a search of Irsay’s car, officers say they found numerous  prescription medication bottles.

Irsay was booked into the Hamilton County Jail on four counts of possession of a controlled substance and for operating while intoxicated.

Police also found a briefcase with $14,516, a wallet with $2,513 and a travel bag with $12,000.

Irsay has checked himself into an out-of-state drug treatment facility.

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